Below are comments made by some of Zari’s clients (some punctuation has been edited)

“Zari was persistent. Zari recognized that not every tool or approach was going to work, so she used a variety of exercises and various tons. Zari used humor well to convey difficult messages. When Zari used praised, it was authentic. Zari held the space for me to do the work.” – K. June 2020

“When I first came to Zari, I was feeling broke, lost & fragile. I remember that first session I was crying like a baby, feeling like a failure to myself and my daughter. Zari gave me strength, made me believe in myself, and showed me how great I am and could be. She helped me with a lot of resources and I was so much stronger and faithful.  Zari made me believe in myself, I have less anxiety and less insomnia. I see a huge difference between me before, and after seeing Zari. She helped me to back on the trait and I will be forever thankful for that.”  – Joy,  March 28, 2018

“Zari helped me to regulate my emotions. I feel heard and supported, and my anxiety is much less. My relationships are much better, especially with my family. I am learning to challenge my negative thoughts and beliefs which is helping me to feel more optimistic about my life and less like I am on a constant emotional roller coaster.”  -C.  Dec 28, 2018

“Zari is very supportive and is helping me to overcome my fears and make positive changes in my life. I have much less anxiety and depression and I am much more effective in working towards my goals”. -C.D.  December 11, 2017

” The changes I notice are that I find myself asking myself questions when I experience a potential situation that would put me in trouble. The question that why the situation is happening and what to do to prove [myself]. I enjoyed the topic of effective communication and this has helped me to prevents fights with my spouse. ” -U. October 20, 2017

Zari assisted me to regulate work and family life.  Now I can share quality time with my family. I am greatly satisfied with the way the counselling services was conducted and encouraged the growth and good work to continue.”  October 2017

“My first and best counselling services have experienced with Zari. Would definitely recommend her counselling to others.” Ud. October 2017

“Zari showed fairness and maturity and active listening. In general, the whole experience is helpful and wonderful.” January 2017

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